Friday, 16 February 2007

Borderline Magazine Contents

Every website needs to mention the key points so the search engines know what to look for - so below is just a list of features from the Borderline Comic Magazine that I will update when I get the chance. Each issue was over fifty pages so the features listed are just the larger interviews and focus pieces - each issue of Borderline contained regular columns, reviews and news in addition to what is mentioned below.

Borderline Issue #1 : Maurice De Bévére, Derek Lord, Bryan Talbot, Metaphrog, Terry Wiley, Posy Simmonds, Frazer Irving, Franco-Belgian Comics

Borderline Issue #2 : Colleen Doran, Bries Publishing, Charlie Adlard, Simon Fraser

Borderline Issue #3 : Harvey Kurtzman, Mauricio de Sousa, Peter Bagge, Jerry Ordway, Mike Deodato Jr, Shelton Bryant.

Borderline Issue #4 : Ziraldo, Steve Lightle, Gerald Scarfe, Dreddcon 2001, Mike Carey, Fabian Nicieza, D'Israeli, Ian Richardson

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