Monday 10 March 2008

The Missing Issues


Due to lack of time, effort and suitable hosting we've only had a few samples up on this site. From today you'll find more filtering on to fill the void. I'm currently trying zShare to host and the files are deleted if they receive no love or attention so get downloading - it's all free. If an issue is missing or delete and you want it, leave a comment and I'll do my best to reissue it. Enjoy.

Borderline #3 - October 2001

Featuring - Peter Bagge, Jerry Ordway, Mike Deodate Jnr, Shelton Bryant, Goscinny & Kurtzman, Mauricio de Sousa and lots more. 62 pages.

Borderline #5 - December 2001

Featuring - Fabien Nicieza, Studio Clamp, Wertham, Roger Langridge, Guy Davis, Ashley Wood, The Norm, Norway, Thunderbolts. 66 pages.

Borderline #7 - February 2002

Featuring - Glenn Dakin, Brazillians, John Buscema, Angouleme, Frank Miller, 2000AD, Mike Collins, Dragonball, John Charles, Dan DeCarlo. 64 pages.

Borderline #8 - March 2002

Featuring - Alejandro Jodorowsky, Simon Furman, Dean Haspiel, Ralf Konig, Rex Mundi, Mike worley, Steve Ditko. 64 pages.


Isaac Alexander said...

I'd be honored to receive the last three issues of this publication. I can't find my old copies I had of this. Is there somewhere else on the web that you can get more of these?

Ali000 said...

I would like (if possible) to receive the PDF copies of Borderline, nÂș 3; 5; 7 and 8, which seem to be missing

Best regards

Antonio Afonso

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Any chanve of a re-up - how about a torrent link to all 20 issues?

I can't find the CD of issues 1-10 I used to have and would really appreciate it.